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Ahnansisem Episode 2: Allius - Be Other

The idea of limitless possibilities, way too often gets clouded by today’s vast array of meaningless work, which intrigued me. Many attempts to tackle this matter and offer their insight, however more often than not tend to get lost in worrying about others perception of meaningful work, or professional success. Although I have set career goals, to me, becoming successful entails more than making a “boatload od cash”. I’m interested in being able to take care of myself and future family, however I am also interest in leaving behind a legacy, that will hopefully inspire others to do the same. As of right now I am focused on building a brand.

Ahnansisem Episode 1: The founders of Ahnansi and their ideology

Today we had the opportunity to sit down with founders of Ahnansi. In this episode we discuss how they came up with the name and the meaning behind it. How their childhood friendship impacted their lives from middle school, to college and now the real world, using those experiences to shape the image of their newly formed organization.