The Entrepreneur Series Episode 6: The Process

We had the opportunity to discuss social entrepreneurship with Tony K Ansah, a self-published author of 8 books and a philanthropist. Tony is also the founder of Anash Africa.


Tony K Ansah Jr is a SON, HUSBAND, FATHER, UNCLE, POET, WRITER, AUTHOR, PUBLIC ADMIN, VOLUNTEER, & SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR who lives in Rhode Island and has aspirations to help people achieve their purpose in life through social impact and financial independence. He has written and self-published many books, such as Kwiyet Wizdom volume 1-5, 3rd Eye Quotes Discovered From Jewels & Gems Beneath Earth, and Diary of a Ghanaian Diaspora Entrepreneur (original version & extended version 2.0). All of these books can be found on Amazon. Tony has written and produced a few audiobooks, such as Welcome to the Motherland Thanks to the Nature in Man, 360 Degree of Proverbial Quotes, and Diary of a Ghanaian Diaspora Entrepreneur. All of these audiobooks can be found exclusively on Audiofrica. All of his written and spoken content can also be found at Tony has 2 online platforms under the business name: Ansah Africa. Oldest site,, connects African owned businesses with other businesses and with consumers for global commerce. Newest site,, connects donors in the USA with nonprofits in Africa for sustainable development. Lastly, Tony does volunteer work for 2 organizations in Massachusetts, which are African Coalition and African Bridge Network.

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