The Entrepreneur Series S2 Episode 3- The Door to your Destiny

We had the honor of speaking to Rhoda Agyeman, who is the founder of Bethel law group and Zion’s Hands. Rhoda relationship with God has been a driving force behind everything that she does. Her perspective on immigration and giving back to the community is a unique and refreshing one.

for information contact Rhoda at:

instagram - @afiaa.agyeman


email :

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The Entrepreneur Series S2 Episode 2- The Man of the Hour

We had the pleasure to talk to a young entrepreneur Derrick Sarfo-Darko, creator of a digital marketing, events and nightlife platform Spiffy Entertainment. Derrick is an up and coming entrepreneur who loves to venture into the unknown. You can contact Derrick at, And Iamspiffy_ on Instagram.

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The Entrepreneur Series S2 Episode 1- The Home Buyer (basics)

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Neeta Karanjkar of Exit Realty. She allowed us to pick her brain on some of the basics of the home buying process!!

for more information on what we talked about in the podcast visit her website and personal blog at

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The Entrepreneur Series Episode 8: The African for Africa Movement

In this episode of the entrepreneur series, we sat down with Jermoh Kamara founder of HVK Children foundation and Gertura Gbarbo the program coordinator to discuss the amazing work they are doing to improve the quality of life among Liberians by linking individuals with tools vital for growth in the 21st century.

For more information visit or email CONTACT@HVKCHILDRENSFOUNDATION.ORG

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