3 Of The Most Important Skills I Learn After College



1. Read
For years I have said that I hated reading and really never understood its importance or value. It wasn't until I graduated college and was on my own that I truly started appreciating books. My problem was that throughout my life I was forced to read fictional novels that were hard for me to relate to. While most had creative plot twist and well developed characters, they added nothing to my life. After college I was introduced to a few financial titles and surprisingly that caught my attention.

Lessons Learned:1. If you dislike reading it is probably because you have not found the right genre. 2.Reading is a must, if you want to continue growing as a person. 3. You should find a topic that interest you and more importantly adds value to your life.


2. Share Ideas & Discuss Solutions
I have had the fortune of having a very active imagination and some artistic ability to bring my thoughts to life. While I am no Picasso and my skills are lacking in some areas, I do my best to execute on my ideas. I say all this to emphasize the importance of not letting ideas just sit in your head.

I welcome you to share them with others and invite them to help develop those ideas. That allows room for meaningful conversations and can lead to innovation. This skill goes hand and hand with finding solutions to some of our day to day problems too. Instead of continuously discussing a problem, this openness to sharing ideas can easily transition into brainstorming how to fix what is wrong in the world.

Lessons Learned: 1. Talking about a problem does not make it less of a problem 2. You should bring your ideas up frequently-share them and ask for input 2. Encourage others to share their ideas and help you bring yours to fruition 3. The more accepting you are to criticism and compromising to bring ideas to life, the closer you get to being understanding of other people’s thought process and input 4. These skills help with problem solving

3.Set goals
If you are not setting goals you are most likely living an unfulfilled life. You will probably feel less accomplished and unhappy in your life too. The reason being that you are just going with the motions of life without actually having a destination in mind. Having no agenda or anything to aim for can make you blind to what your worth is and all that you are getting done. The day’s most likely run into each other.

Lessons Learned:

1. Goal setting gives your day’s purpose

2. It will help you understand your strengths an weaknesses

3. You can reflect back on all you have done and feel accomplished

4. You will be more accountable and will dictate your own happiness