The Journey To Self Discovery

A little background information about myself:

I grew up in Hartford, Ct. Most of my younger days were spent on Westland St to be exact. At that time I was surrounded by both love and hate, confusion and assuredness, and also poverty. The black community was flawed in many ways yet always trying to find ways to make up for what it lacked. I found myself living in two places at once. In the physical but also in my own head, most of my time was spent in the latter of the two. I questioned life even at a young age. Questions like what am I here to do, why do I exist, what does life truly mean and who Am I, filled my head. Being raised in a Christian household I found myself desperately trying to understand the mind of God. Which for any human is surely an impossible feat to accomplish. So one could imagine that I was somewhat of a troubled kid. Not necessarily in a negative sense but I think I was just a kid trying to comprehend and process the world around me.

Fast forward a bit I attended Capital Preparatory Magnet School where some of my best years were spent. I was never really a great student. But I remember finally becoming serious about my work at the start of my junior year. I think life started to make more sense and I began to develop a better sense of myself. I graduated in May of 2010 and then it was off to college.

I saw myself leaving the state and heading off to Delaware State University but somehow found myself just an hour away from home at Southern Connecticut State University. There I studied psychology which I always knew I would due to my fascination with the mind. Being somewhat shy and still not completely comfortable in my own skin I didn't set out to do much. But I joined a few on campus groups like Christian Crusade for Christ, NAACP, Jubilee Singers Choir, and I worked at in the Psychology department as well as tending to the front desk in two of the six residence halls. Besides all of that my best year was when I decided to study abroad as an exchange student in Tokyo, Japan. My junior year of college my eyes had been opened to a much larger world. I began to see things differently and developed a greater appreciation for culture. That time in my life was truly a turning point for me.

I am currently back in Japan teaching English for now. But what the future holds is a total surprise.

Challenges you had to overcome.

One of the biggest challenges that I still have to overcome is one that most people face. Self esteem and self worth are enormous challenges that get in the way of one's success. Even to this day, but not as much as before, I still find it difficult to do certain things due to low self esteem and a lack of confidence. Those things as I mentioned get in the way of success. They cause fear and diminish desire. They are unhealthy habits yet are a  part of the human growth process. We tend to fail because we don't know who we are. We come into this world most times uneducated about the truth of our existence resulting in many lost and confused individuals. I know I may have a very broad and abstract perspective but the truth is if we know and understand who we are then our confidence and self worth begins to increase. I'd say if you experience low self worth start by questioning your reality. Ponder the enormous and miraculous gift of life. Understand that you have been placed wherever you are for a specific purpose. Even if you're not sure what that reason is just know that you are worthy because you are alive.


What's drives you? Influences? Passions?

What drives me is an excellent question. I tend to believe that what drives me is my appreciation for being alive. What drives me is my desire to one day truly understand the reason for my existence and to absolutely do just that. Finally what drives me is my desire to be more than what I was the day, month or year before. I speak of desire heavily because desire is one of those things that keeps up going and wanting more. I've come to realize that I want to give something grand to the world. I want to challenge my own humanity and become a better person. I want to make my family proud and inspire others. And I will!

My influences seem to change from time to time but there are always those that will stay forever. One being driven and successful individuals who know who they are and what they want. Sometimes I ponder what causes people to be great. To me being great is being respectful, intelligent, humble, inspiring, conscious and passionate. It almost seems as if being great includes some sort of magical mental state or understanding of oneself that develops a fire causing one to stop at nothing until they've reached their goal. I think just knowing that great people exist in the world is a huge influence for me.

My passions include many things. I'm passionate about poetry and spoken word. I'm passionate about being an educator, helping young people realize they're potential and inspire them to do and be better. I'm passionate about travel and culture. I think a life filled with travel and immersing oneself in an unfamiliar culture is such a rewarding experience, it opens your eyes to so much. I'm passionate about art. Recently I've developed a love of lettering or the act of drawing letters. This love has inspired me to pursue logo and packaging design. Finally I believe I'm truly passionate about helping people. Whether it is advice about life, a helping hand, food for the less fortunate or just a smile, I truly find happiness in making the world brighter.



Conventional Wisdom.

If there is anyone on a path to self discovery, a passionate lifestyle, and overall greatness, I'd say believe in yourself. It starts with telling yourself that you are worry of a happy and abundant life. I'd also say that life is not about a destination but everything else in between. It is also important to stay focused. If you truly want something out of life you have to put in the work. Also never ignore your curiosity. If you are curious about something explore I don't think it could ever hurt to learn something new that's beneficial.

To conclude I'd like to say thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts and I truly hope they hold meaning. I'd also like to say I appreciate what you guys are doing at Ahnansi. I'm always inspired when people take charge of their own life to inspire other to do the same.

I can be contacted through email: Or you can follow me on Instagram @artistic_visionary7