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Our Mission

To set the foundation for present and future generations to find their vocation, thrive, and be social agents of change. 

The Problem and our solution for the future rooted in the past.

Ahnansi Current Activity - Schools Supplies for Students in Ghana, West Africa


About Us

AHNANSI, INC. was co-founded in 2016 by social justice enthusiasts, Felix Afranie and Raziel Castillo. Ahnansi is the manifestation of their thoughts, experiences and passions, focusing on delivering educational material, promoting young entrepreneurship and exposing youth to resources, volunteering and networking opportunities. Ahnansi seeks to create content by sharing ideas with peers to decrease existing knowledge gaps, promoting the successes of the many community role models and discussing world-wide trending topics and issues. Ahnansi welcomes the diversity of cultures, philosophies and ideologies. The overall goal of this organization is to lessen the impact of the many injustices in the world, and to have a positive influence on the lives of others.